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September 16, 2020 @ 11:17 am

Are You Emotionally Numb? 3 Tests

Human beings have emotions and that makes us different from the animal world. Human beings are able to feel things such as love, happiness, anger , pride and jealousy, etc. Without such feelings, we are not really able to communicate with our other fellow beings. There are times when some human beings get really numb to their emotions. This may be for specific reasons. Today, we are going to be talking about being emotionally numb and how you can tell that you are in such a way. If you would like to get to find out how to test this, just stick with us to learn more.

If you think that you are emotionally numb, but are not really sure, one thing that you can do is to see if you feel anything. If you are in a situation where you know that you should be happy or in a place in your life where you know that you should be feeling anger, but you do not feel anything at all, that is one sign that will tell you that you could most possibly be emotionally numb. It might be your birthday and you might have a lot of your close friends come to attend your party and give you many gifts but through it all, you just can not be happy. This is the sort of numbness that you can feel if you are emotionally numb.

The second test to find out if you are really emotionless is if you find that nothing excites you in life. You might feel like you do not have any purpose in life and you just want to take your life away. Suicide is a high rate for those people who feel like they do not have any emotions anymore. The opposite is also true; when you feel emotionless, you might want to find something that is thrilling. Thrill-seekers are those people who do not feel anything and want to feel something by looking for something thrilling to do.

Lack of connection with feelings is also something that you should notice if you are emotionally numb. If these three signs are showing up for you, you can say that you are indeed someone who does not show any feelings or emotions. There can be many reasons for this such as being overwhelmed, sad, anxious or it may be an underlying disease or health condition that you need to address. There are people who can help you to fight this emotional numbness and get you back on your feet. If you need help, do not be afraid to go and ask for help because there are people who are going to be very willing to walk that extra mile with you to get you back into feeling things again. You can search out those people who can help you and get to know more about them so that you are comfortable with talking to them about your condition. We hope that these 3 tests can tell you if you indeed need help.

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