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August 3, 2020 @ 4:31 am

How Many Types of Domestic Violence are There

Around the world many people have been in domestic abuse as this is something very common today. It is hard to have a family with someone you are not compatible with as this is what promotes violence. Couples on the other hand tend to engage themselves in domestic abuse as these are two persons who have differences. That’s why, we are going to discuss about the different types of domestic abuse

Domestic violence is an act that is so horrible as this is when two adults or family gets involved in a fight. A lot of damages will be experienced whenever domestic abuse is done. Domestic abuse come in different form of which you need to keep reading to get more of that. Verbal abuse is one that the abuser uses evil and abusive words to threaten the victim.

This type of domestic violence is very common as most couples tend to verbally threaten one another as a way of self-defense. Another type of domestic violence is the physical abuse; this one is the worst as it involves the beatings and fighting among families. Physical abuse has been marked to be worst and very dangerous as in most cases it may lead to death or killings. Another type of domestic abuse is called sexual abuse, well from the name itself you can tell what this abuse is all about.

Another type of domestic violence is sexual abuse, this is an act that the abused is forcefully involved in a sexual act without their will. With sexual abuse the victim can have self esteem due to the act they experienced. With emotional abuse you will find that many marriages around the world have experienced this. This type of domestic violence that is called emotional abuse is purposed to tamper with ones emotions for them to feel unwanted and unworthy. It is a very dangerous act as it can be suicidal if the victim is not taken care of faster.

Isolation abuse is one that the abuser keeps off the victim from any freedom and social life. The abuser here intends to lock up the victim and that they don’t see the outside world thus preventing them from socializing. More so, this type of domestic violence is done to prevent the victim from working and doing their normal chores of which this can be very traumatizing. The abuser does this type of an act just to feel in charge. In simple words, always keep the above information in mind as this can be of help in future.