Understanding Prescription Drug Charges In Utah

October 30, 2020 @ 11:39 am

Criminal defendants face serious penalties for possession of any prescription drugs unlawfully. Defendants who are accused of selling the controlled substances could face felony charges depending on how much of the drug they have in their possession. Understanding prescription drug charges in Utah defines what penalties the defendant could acquire if convicted.

The Possession of Illegal Prescription Drugs

The possession of illegal prescription drugs is defined as being in possession of prescription medications that were not prescribed to the defendant. It doesn’t matter if the medication was prescribed by a family member. Having any prescription medication, especially narcotics, that were not prescribed to the individual is a crime. If any individual is found to be in possession of any prescription medications for which they do not have a legal prescription will be arrested for possession of a controlled substance.

Was the Defendant Trying to Sell the Drugs?

The sale or distribution of any prescription medication illegally is a crime for which the defendant could incur a prison sentence. It doesn’t matter if the criminal defendant has a lawful prescription for the controlled substance or not. Only pharmacies and dispensaries have the legal right to sell controlled substances. Individuals who are caught selling or distributing prescription medications outside of these establishments and without proper licensing will face drug charges just the same as any drug dealer. Criminal defendants who are facing prescription drug charges can get help from ariccramer.com right now.

What are the Penalties of the Crime?

The total amount of the controlled substance in the defendant’s possession and the type of drug defines the classification of the crime. A class B misdemeanor, for example, leads to a six-month prison sentence and a maximum fine of $1,000. A 3rd-degree felony leads to five years in prison and a maximum fine of $5,000.

Criminal defendants who are facing prescription drug charges need fast assistance from an attorney. The defendant could face prison sentences for possessing prescription medications illegally. If they are accused of selling controlled substances, they are facing more profound penalties. Criminal defendants who need help from an attorney schedule an appointment right now.

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