What To Expect When Charged With A Theft-Related Crime

August 5, 2020 @ 4:38 am

Criminal defendants who are facing theft-related crimes must hire an attorney quickly. Theft-related crimes are a wide spectrum classification that includes burglary, armed robbery, home invasions, and larceny. Reviewing what to expect with a theft-related crime helps the defendant understand what could happen if they are convicted.

What was the Cash Value of the Items Stolen?

The total cause value of the items stolen from the victim defines the classification of the crime. For example, if the total cost of the items is under $1,000, the defendant is facing a misdemeanor charge. If it is beyond $1,000, the defendant might be facing a felony charge. The circumstances of the crime play a vital role in determining the classification of the crime. How the perpetrator stole and took possession of the items determines if the crime is burglary, petty theft, or larceny.

Was a Deadly Weapon Involved in the Crime?

If the perpetrator used a deadly weapon during the commission of the crime, the classification of the crime is increased to a felony. If the victim was injured, the defendant faces additional charges such as assault. Armed robbery is a serious offense. However, if the perpetrator entered a home unlawfully with the intent to steal, they are charged with a home invasion and burglary. Criminal defendants who want to review the circumstances of their crime can get help at ariccramer.com right now.

What Penalties Could Apply to a Conviction

The penalties are determined according to what happened during the crime. Violent acts involved in a theft-related crime increase the penalties for the crime. For example, armed robbery or a home invasion involving a deadly weapon could lead to a conviction of up to 20 years in prison. However, if a victim died during the crime, the defendant could face murder charges, too.

Criminal defendants who are facing a theft-related charge must take into consideration the classification and any additional charges related to their arrest. Theft charges can lead to extensive prison sentences and prevent the defendant from obtaining employment later. Criminal defendants who need legal representation contact an attorney and schedule an appointment now.

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