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October 8, 2020 @ 10:06 am

The Importance Of SVOP

We all wanted to own a small vessel for our own, it may be used for business or personal means. But did you know that you can’t just operate your own small vessel without having an SVOP certification? Yes! You read it right! You have to complete an SVOP training in order to have your own SVOP certification, this certification means that you are free to operate a small vessel of your own or a small vessel that is owned by your company. Having an SVOP certification is important as an SVOP training course is equipped with the right knowledge that you need, and the safety training that will make you prepared for all the adventures that are waiting in the sea.

You can read down below all of the information that you need why you have to get yourself an SVOP certificate.

What Is SVOP?

The SVOP or small vessel operator proficiency is a transport Canada certification that is required and used in order to operate small commercial vessels that could carry less than 5 tonnes for passengers and cargo boats like crew boats, sport fishing vessels, work vessels, whale-watching boats. In order to get your SVOP, you are required to take a 26 hours class time for over a 4-day lesson. It is required for participants to attend the whole course in order to pass and get their SVOP certification.

Why Do Marine People Need SVOP?

SVOP or the small vessel operator proficiency is a type of marine training requirement that you need in order for you to operate small vessels. This serves as your license for operating small vessels. The days where someone could just learn how to operate a vessel and use it to take passengers or use it as a cargo fish is long gone. SVOP is now used as a proof of competency that allows you to operate small vessels. We all believe that the best knowledge is earned by experience but the marine industry is changing its regulation and will now require anyone to have SVOP in order to operate small vessels. In today’s marine industry, professionals need to show their SVOP or their permits in order to sail even if their sailing for almost a lifetime.

SVOP Training

There is a lot of marine training course available online for you to choose from, SVOP training offers the importance of knowledge of sailing and operating the small vessel, in order for you to learn and understand different maritime laws and regulations. SVOP training offers thorough navigational training, vessel construction and stability, water traffic, collision avoidance, navigation safety, anchoring, vessel maneuvering, ropework, pollution prevention regulation, geography and chart construction, electronic radar navigation, meteorology, study about tides and currents and much more that is important for small vessel operators. SVOP training prepares the vessel operator to sail without any problem and be prepared in case of anything happens, an SVOP course graduate is well equipped with maritime knowledge to the point that he/she is allowed to sail and use small vessels for business or other means.

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