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August 22, 2020 @ 3:12 pm

How to Select a Church

The phrase, ‘Christianity is not a religion but a relationship’ has become very common among believers. The fact that Christianity is centered on a relationship is very true because God wants us to intimately know Him and to know us. However, there is a concern because many Christians use that statement to refuse certain vital elements of the Christian life, for example, there is a trend of Christians thinking that any institutional aspect of Christianity like belonging to a church is not mandatory. The fact that Jesus loved the church and gave His life for it makes the church His bride as Apostle Paul describes it. Hence, deciding that you don’t require the church is being unfaithful to the body of Christ. No one is perfect but there is the beauty when a group of people who are being perfected in Christ worships God together. When choosing a church, you have an endless list. Getting a church can overwhelm but you could visit some congregations before choosing one. Here are a few queries to guide you to choose a church in God’s will.

Does the church believe in the basics of the Christian faith? Some of the fundamentals of the Christian faith are, Jesus is God’s son and the solitary way to heaven john 14:16, the Scriptures are Holy Spirit inspired 2 Timothy 3:16, God forgives sins and gives endless life as a gift 1 John 1:9, Ephesians 2:8-9, there are a real heaven and hell Revelation 21:4-12. In case the church you think as great does not believe in all of these things or hold fast to the Bible as God’s word, keep searching.

Does this church center itself on the teachings of the Bible? God has disclosed His character much through the person of Christ and we discover Christ through searching the Bible. Hence, the church service ought to be founded on the Scriptures from prayer to the readings, to the message, to worship. It ought to the foundation of everything the church teaches, lives, and preaches. By applying the realities found in the Scriptures, the church is going to refocus your heart, helping you to become more like Christ.

Does the church match my biblical convictions? The reason they’re so numerous different churches is that they all emphasize different elements of the Christian faith. This doesn’t imply there’s a single phrase of faith that’s godlier compared to others. By stressing different elements of God as well as His call, denominations complement each other. Commit yourself to study the Bible and pray so that you detect what it is you believe and what aspect of Christian faith matters most to you. Find a church that stresses those beliefs.

Does the church help you to worship? At times, a church’s music style or the language utilized in the message or the manner in which prayers are said diverts people from their main reason of being in service; to worship. In case you’re frequently irritated with how a church does things, it’s not a good fit and if you keep on attending its services, you’ll be more distracted over time.

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