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September 2, 2020 @ 8:54 am

What Makes a Classic Baseball Jersey to Rock This Summer?

The coronavirus pandemic denies us the chance to rock our adored baseball jerseys to support our respective teams in the field. Staying cooped up in the house unable to hit the pitch got us thinking, what makes a class jersey?

Is it the hat, pants, or baseball? There is no definite answer making for a heated debate. The jersey has evolved over the years with different stitches and embroidery. Decades ago, logons on shirts were a rare sight. Currently, it is hard to run into a baseball jersey without a printed logo. What constitutes a baseball jersey in 2020? We take a look at some significant features that make for a wonderful and classic one.

1. The Cap

You will need a cap. The primary purpose of the caps is not to keep the direct sun rays away from the players. It is also not a piece used to separate the teams. Its origin dates back to the mid-1800s where an individual rocked one with an uncovered head. With the advancement in technology and fashion, does it make sense to rock one to date?

A cap makes up for the anchor of the uniform. In case you are part of a baseball team, you will have to wear a cap. Some caps feature imprints of the team’s nicknames, while others feature a logo imprint of the team initials of the home city. That is why it is common to run into baseball jersey NY in New York a lot.

2. Jersey

Baseball is the only sport in the world where the uniforms feature button-front shirts. What’s the essence of it? It is not like the sport has not tried other options to date. In the early 70s and late 80s, the teams decided to pick pullovers as their official uniform. Long story short that did not pan out the way they expected.

What should feature on the jersey? It can be a neutral tone with a left chest logo of the team. However, the current wave is witnessing the embracing of new alternate jersey colors. Many folks are taking to the new designs. Some even think of them as a good luck charm while on the road.

3. Socks

The socks are majorly lodged into the pants. In case the pants are pulled down, you might not see the socks. Regulations dictate how a player wears the uniform. However, the regulations do not touch on the pant’s length for players on the pitch. It makes it easy to run into some players with their cuffs hiked up. Others prefer the more subtle look with their pants pulled down.

There is a further discrepancy with the high cuffs with some option for solid colors, while others for alternate ones. There should be a general rule that regulates the length of the pant. It should not go lower past the mid-calf. This will remove the old pajama look to give a fresh, crisp look at the socks that complements the jersey.

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